Advanced Fire & Security designs, installs and maintains fire alarm systems for virtually any facility or hazard. We represent most major brands in order to service nearly every make and model that’s in use today. Our warehouse is full of fire and security equipment to handle any emergency service needs our clients may encounter.

From new installation to retrofits to system upgrades, we have the system that fits your requirements and budgetary needs. We also provide alarm monitoring services to make sure your people, building, and critical assets are protected 24/7.


By utilizing wireless dialers and a mesh radio network, Advanced Fire & Security provides reliable U.L. 864 compliant monitoring service at a much lower cost than traditional monitoring systems. In fact, we typically save our customers hundreds of dollars per month, while giving them peace of mind knowing that our network has 100% reliability in the delivery of critical alarm and security information.

What is SKYNET

Skynet is Advanced Fire & Security’s unique wireless monitoring system that utilizes a fire-only radio mesh network to provide to transmit signals to our U.L. listed Central Monitoring Station. The advantages of using the Skynet system are:


A Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) system is a critical part of a building’s Life Safety System. It is a code driven requirement essential for radio communication between first responders inside a building when there is a fire or emergency. Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES) were first introduced in 2009 in the International Building Code to address the performance of the emergency responders’ radio coverage inside buildings. BDA systems are the solution to lost radio signal coverage by boosting or amplifying radio signals. It is likely that your building or project requires the installation of a BDA system; and once installed, it will require service and maintenance.